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A consultant to endgame approach which indicates the elemental checkmating rules and mixtures had to end off rivals. avid gamers methods to translate middlegame merits into victories, the best way to use the king as a weapon, transparent the way in which for rook buddies and realize tactical mixtures.

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The idea is not to play g2-g4 too early as it would allow Black to sacrifice the exchange in even better circumstances than in the game. 'Wa5 1 5 a3 b5! l:xc3 1 6 'i'xc3 'i'xc3 1 7 bxc3 dS 1 8 active' move. ixd4 e5! one of Lanka's games in Germany. 1 6 g4!? bS i s more usual nowadays. The text move was tried by Christopher Lutz against me in Munich 1 993, and that grune was published in This looks risky as after tlte standard sacri­ fice White's £3-pawn will be very weak. But I the first vol­ didn't see any other way to fight for the ad­ ume of Fire on Board.

Y. 7 ... if5!? ta4!! xd2 'irf6!? and White must be careful not to get a worse posi­ tion. tb41 Forcing White to exchange queens but, as l mentioned, I didn't really mind that. xc6? xc2 would be bad for White, as Black's rook and two pawns are definitely stronger than the two knights. te3 ltle7! 14 Jle1 ! xe3?! A first step in the wrong direction. After the game I thought that Black could easily equalise with 1 4. , which reminds me a lot... d4 against Ftacnik played half a year later! As that game is also included in the book, the reader wiU understand what I mean.

I was intending 1 1 dS against 10 .. xf31 40 is considered the critical line. txh7 +?! Grabbing a pawn, for which Black gets some counterplay. e4 lZfc8 with com. c; a brilliant bishop sacrifice. To be precise, I saw the sacrifice itself but the varia­ tions I was calculating seemed insufficient to me It was a great pity I didn't see thinbrs to the end as it was objectively the strongest con­ tinuation and the mating attack (should Black accept the sacrifice) is really beautiful. Let's see: 17 h4!

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