By Jose M. Garcia-Mina (auth.), Anoop Kumar Srivastava (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9400741707

ISBN-13: 9789400741706

This is a solitary try and streamline the entire attainable info relating to citrus food, with emphasis on analysis and administration of nutrient constraints, utilising a number of state-of-art recommendations advanced globally through the years . whereas doing so care has been taken to incorporate peripheral disciplines in order that the dialogue turns into extra full of life and authoritative. a whole array of particular matters has been well portrayed with assistance from most modern facts and photographs.

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Other plant hormones such as NO have also been studied for its involvement in signaling in plants under low oxygen conditions. The low O2 availability causes several metabolic disturbances that lead to an increase in the production of NO from NOx either enzymatically or nonenzymatically (Blokhina and Fagerstedt 2010). In maize, salt stress caused imbalances in several nutrients and increased MDA accumulation that were counteracted by SA treatment. Interestingly, H2O2 levels increased in SA-treated maize seedlings, indicating that SA might inhibit the damaging effects of hydrogen peroxide on plant physiology.

In: Van Montagu M, Inzé D (eds) Oxidative stress in plants. Taylor & Francis, London, pp 1–32 Pompelli MF, Martins SCV, Antunes WC et al (2010) Photosynthesis and photoprotection in coffee leaves is affected by nitrogen and light availabilities in winter conditions. J Plant Physiol 167: 1052–1060 Sheng O, Zhou G, Wei Q et al (2010) Effects of excess boron on growth, gas exchange, and boron status of four orange scion–rootstock combinations. J Plant Nutr Soil Sci 173:469–476 Tewari RK, Kumar P, Sharma PN (2007) Oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in young leaves of mulberry plants grown under nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium deficiency.

However, as extracted from experiments carried out with citrus genotypes differing in abiotic stress tolerance, not always an increase in antioxidant defenses in plants subjected to stress is related to the actual tolerance. For instance, when Cleopatra mandarin and Carrizo citrange were subjected to identical salinity conditions, only the sensitive genotype, Carrizo, increased antioxidant defenses, whereas Cleopatra, the tolerant genotype, did not (Arbona et al. 2004). This apparent contradiction could be related to the lower exposure of the aerial part of this genotype to saline ions due to the exclusion process that takes place in roots (López-Climent et al.

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Advances in Citrus Nutrition by Jose M. Garcia-Mina (auth.), Anoop Kumar Srivastava (eds.)

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