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6 years. e. with i > 90°) for some time. For instance, this situation would occur with CR Á A/M P 48 m2/kg in the B1 case (Fig. 22) and with CR Á A/M P 54 m2/kg in the C4 case. 6. Conclusions This study has revealed and clarified several qualitative and quantitative aspects concerning the long-term evolution of a new, and still hypothetical, class of orbital debris, characterized by very high area-to-mass ratios and released with negligible DV in the orbits used by GPS Block II satellites. Among many other results, mainly summarized in Section 5, it was found that also in this case, as with similar objects released in geostationary orbit, very long orbital lifetimes are possible, even with extremely high A/M values.

It should also be noted, as found by Ely (1999), that an intricate web of luni-solar resonances, depending on inclination and eccentricity, comes into play when the eccentricity and/or the inclination change substantially. This affects the long-term evolution and, possibly, the chaotic behavior. The long-term evolution of high A/M objects released in GPS Block II orbits is thus very complex and highly sensitive to the initial conditions, due to geopotential and luni-solar resonances. 50 and Da % ±55 km.

Adv. Space Res. 41, 1077–1090, 2008. com/locate/asr Global dynamics of high area-to-mass ratios GEO space debris by means of the MEGNO indicator S. Valk, N. Delsate *, A. Lemaıˆtre, T. Simple tools to study global dynamics in nonaxisymmetric galactic potentials–I. Astron. Astrophys. ], Mean Exponential Growth factor of Nearby Orbits (MEGNO), which provides an efficient tool to investigate both regular and chaotic components of the phase space. We compute a stability atlas, for a large set of near-geosynchronous space debris, by numerically computing the MEGNO indicator, to provide an accurate understanding of the location of stable and unstable orbits as well as the timescale of their exponential divergence in case of chaotic motion.

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