By Peter Lamborn WIlson

ISBN-10: 1620490706

ISBN-13: 9781620490709

Whilst Peter Lamborn Wilson despatched us the pile of paper that finally turned this e-book (and the non secular sequence) shall we no longer were extra extremely joyful. Peter has been a writing computing device for many years and it might be effortless to overlook out at the form of writing that he likes top. Punchy, idiosyncratic manifestos (of a sort). This selection of Peter's Anarchist Ephemera is stuffed with center and astute observations.

All plans for "saving the realm" eventually leisure at the assumption that humanity needs to endure a metamorphosis of center. the anomaly here's that if this variation have been to happen, no plans will be had to result in a "different world." The switch of middle, the various recognition, will be in itself the very shift in path, the Reversion to human and religious values required for "salvation." ruin the machinic brain and there'd be no use to break the particular machines.

LBC Books is an anarchist press owned and run via Aragorn Moser. it's the mum or dad label for merciless Hospice, Ardent Press, Repartee, Pistols Drawn, and eco-friendly Anarchist Press.

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M inifesto Discarding all irony & misdirection & blurting it out with the humorless clarity & lack of wit of hate-lit or porn: Why not an existentialism of mindless jubilation & out-&-out smashing of Obnoxious Machinery? Shouldn't handprinted fiery flying rolls ignore the niceties of deconstruction & the fastidious impeccabilities which constitute the last refuge of the culturally exhausted? Why hide childhood fascination with fanaticism under the cyberbourgeois bushel of an airbrushed & poisonous discourse?

It has become a haunted slum, a suffocating archaeology of buried hope. Perhaps it is something that can be "overcome" (as Nietzsche would say) . Dead weight of epistemological weightlessness of virtual ecstasy. crisis, dead Aesthetics/ Poetic Terrorism R i ng i ng De n u n c i a t i o n of S u rrea l i s m [Note: This i s a very old text, from my days at Naropaand the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. I no longer feel angry at Surrealism and in fact I cherish it as a living treasure, like Kabuki.

It is both shield and weapon, space and motion, cave and magic carpet. I can't help thinking of it as a symbol of Capital itself, especially in its purely magical end phase in the Global era. The Baba Yaga might be an offshore hank ready to pull up stakes and flee to some freer market or a shoe factory on its way to Mexico. " Given the proliferation and gigantism of Baba Yagas in our times, perhaps what we need is an Army ofJacks . Letter to Valencia By a curious coincidence, the Internet began to emerge at approximately the same time as Global Capital, around the end of the 1 980s.

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