By Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper

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The "jar with four openings" ( k d l a b ca'turbila) of Ath. V. XVIII. 30 can therefore stand as pars pro toto for the mountain f the arnyta cask. Cf. also the "young maiden with four braids, who wraps herself in veils" (KS. X. ) ? iion which Bosch gives of the cloublc-treo motif. In order to give a clear idea of the conlplications offered by the tests. the'trees mentioned in them should first be listed : (i)the common a s k t t h a , Ficus religiosa L, especially honoured as representing the world-tree and as such undoubtedly considered as rooted in the primordial hill (although this cannot be proved from the old texts); (ii) the inverted fig-tree, occasionally mentioned as a kind of divine mystery; (iii)the aivatthn, growing as an epiphyte on the stem of the hmT(or another kind of tree), its roots hanging down from it; (iu) the qagrodlm (banian tree) with aerial roots.

Has seldom been queitioned. "28 Cf. on vtklzqr~e11, p . 46. Sec also Oldenherg, Relzgzon des V e d , p. 320. Ilillebmndl's theory of "verschiedene, bisweilen in dnssdbe Lied aufgenodnzene Traditionen" (T'cd. X@. 112, p. 317) does not carry conviction. &to v i ~ ~ vut cra k ~ a m CpTfltio~yhh snptQ dhhnrabhih ("la terre avec scs installations m~tonomes"Itenou, Etudes vtrliques IV, p. %), cf. 7 sncez:ahi t r i ? ~pad& "so wollen wir . . dreilnal in den sieben Schritten cles Freundes zusammengehen," Geldner.

Social dichoton~yi i ~ y a Szidra A justification for the prececling digression may be found, first, in the unclainental importance of the problems coilcerning the Mahiibhlarata and, ,econcl, in the need to place the various views (like those of Wikander and Held) in their relative positions. On the other hand, this more detailed picture p t t c ; us in a position to ask where a1q7 indicatioil can be fouilcl in favour of the theory that the tree motif was primary ancl determinant. As far as I can see, the answer must be that it is possible to parallel the classification consistently with the world-tree.

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